Since October 2014, Audi Sport has a new home. A look behind the scenes at the Competence Center Motorsport in Neuburg. This is where the race cars for the WEC and DTM are developed. The headquarters of Audi Sport customer racing and Audi driving experience are also located there.

More than 30 years of success

Those who visit Audi Sport in Neuburg will immediately get an impression of the 30 year success story of Audi in motorsport. The entrance hall has pictures on display of the Audi Sport history and the names of all of the factory drivers since 1981.

In the entrance hall stands a large trophy cabinet, yet it is not large enough to accommodate all of the trophies accumulated since 1981.

Organisation is half of the victory

Perfect logistics allows for more efficient work for employees of Audi Sport in Neuburg. In the state of the art warehouse everything has a place. There the mechanics can immediately find the equipment they require to rebuild and fix the Audi RS 5 DTM or Audi R18 e-tron quattro. The corridors of shelves carry the names of famous race circuits.

Top secret

The view into the workshops of the DTM and LMP departments is not permitted for visitors. There is enough space to work on multiple cars at the same time. The test vehicles are built by Audi Sport and the race cars are normally run by Audi Sport teams. The employees also know and appreciate the working conditions in the new Competence Center.

A big step

The new building of Audi Sport is located right next to the 2.2 kilometre handling course of Audi driving experience. The circuit can be used by Audi Sport to introduce its new race cars for the so called “roll-outs”. In the past Audi Sport needed to load and transport the race cars to race circuits, airports or test sites. This lost time can now be used more productively.